VAC and WSIB Applications

If you have worked, or are currently working, in a noisy environment, or have served in the military, you may be entitled to hearing/audiology benefits.

For workplace noise exposure, a claim can be made to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario for hearing benefits. We supply the application forms and can help you fill them out. We then send the results to the WSIB and they will review the information. We try to make the process smooth and easy.

If you are approved for hearing aids, WSIB covers the costs associated with obtaining them and having them serviced. They even cover batteries.

If you already have WSIB coverage and require assistance with your current hearing aids, we can also help you out. It does not matter where you received your hearing aids from, we want to be of assistance. We deal with all major manufacturers of hearing aids.

With regards to Veterans Affairs Canada (previously known as the Department of Veterans Affairs, or DVA), we can also assist with applications. We can help fill out paperwork and submit it to the proper location. If you currently have VAC coverage we can also be of service. We can also perform Tinnitus Evaluations for VAC.