Hearing aid batteries are air-activated cells that begin working when a pull-tab or “sticker” is peeled off. Each hearing aid has a battery door that will open allowing the person to take out or insert a new battery.

Hearing aids will operate using one of 4 different battery sizes. Typically, the smaller the aid, the smaller the battery. Sizes are: 10, 312, 13, and 675. It can be difficult to remember the specific size of battery, so they are also colour-coded. Size 10 are in yellow packaging, size 312 in brown, size 13 in orange, and size 675 in blue.

Being an air-activated battery, the typical lifespan is about a week; however, it does depend on the size of the battery and the hours of use. A size 10 battery may only last 4-5 days and a 675 may last several weeks.

With every hearing aid purchase, we provide enough hearing aid batteries for 3 years. You can rest assured that you will have batteries when you need them.

There are now several hearing aids on the market that have a rechargeable battery option. These hearing aids have either an integrated lithium-ion battery or a removable rechargeable battery. The hearing aids are placed in a docking station overnight to be charged. They will last the entire day and can even be equipped with a portable power pack that can be used when travelling. These new rechargeable aids are becoming very popular. They are a convenient option for those who struggle with removing and replacing batteries.