Hearing Aid Trials & Demonstrations

Committing to a hearing aid can be a big step to take for many people. That is why we offer hearing aid trials and in-office demonstrations. You do not need to worry or wonder if a hearing aid will be helpful to you – simply give it a try and see for yourself! You can try the hearing aids risk-free without any financial commitment. The hearing aids used for trials and demos are genuine hearing aids just as you would purchase. They will be programmed to your specific needs and you will leave knowing how to operate them. After trying them in your own home and during your normal activities, you will have a better idea how they work for you. You then come back to the office at the end of the trial where you have the option to purchase the hearing aids or, if for whatever reason you do not find them to be beneficial, you simply bring them back.

Easy. Risk-free. Enlightening. Give hearing aids a try to hear what you have been missing! Call us today for to book your assessment and hearing aid trial. Typical trial periods are 2 weeks in duration.

For further peace of mind, every hearing aid purchase comes with a “trial period” of 60 days, in which you can return the aids if they are not working out for you or if you are unsatisfied. Of course, our goal is to address and fix any problems you maybe having with the hearing aids and we will work with you to ensure you are receiving optimal results but knowing there is the 60-day window can put your mind at ease.