Hearing Aid Fittings and Prescriptions

It is important to note that hearing aids are not programmed at the manufacturer but rather at the clinic by the audiologist or hearing healthcare practitioner, which is known as a “hearing aid fitting”. After a hearing aid is prescribed and ordered, it comes to me as a blank slate and it then needs to be programmed according to your hearing loss and needs. Hearing aids are medical devices requiring specific programming for each patient using special software and equipment.
Hearing aids can vary in terms of performance but an accurate fitting is crucial for optimal success with the device. All hearing aid fittings performed at Culford Family Hearing adhere to high levels of care and best practice protocols. It is important that the hearing aids are amplifying appropriately and behaving as expected in order for the patient to receive full benefit. We use industry-leading verification equipment that allows for precise measurements. A Verifit 2 real-ear measurement and verification system is a state-of-the-art tool that is used worldwide and has long been regarded as a “gold standard” in the industry. Also, it is made right here in Ontario! Audioscan, based in Dorchester, ON manufacturers and distributes many high-tech products, such as the Verifit 2, for the hearing healthcare field.