Adjustments, Servicing, and Repairs


Over time hearing aids need to be adjusted. This may be due to changes in one’s hearing or perhaps sounds are not coming through as well as they used to be. All hearing aids are digital allowing many adjustments to be made. More volume, additional programs, or changing features may be required. Every hearing aid purchased at Culford Family Hearing comes with free adjustments for as long as you own the hearing aid! There may be times when several adjustments are needed to receive a desired sound or effect and that is completely fine. We want you to hear the best you can!


Hearing aids are small electronic wonders. Compared to most electronics, they are unique in that they are exposed to many different environments which are not very friendly to their small parts. Wax, moisture, sweat, and more can influence the aid’s performance. Routine check-ups and thorough, professional cleanings are included with every hearing aid purchase. A specialized vacuum is used to remove hard to reach wax or debris in the hearing aid. If a hearing aid is malfunctioning, a cleaning may be all it needs. In a hurry? Most often we can clean the hearing aids when you bring them in, no appointment necessary!


If a hearing aid is not functioning properly, or not at all, it may require additional servicing. Certain components can break down or stop working. If a repair is needed, we will try to do everything we can in-office. If we are unsuccessful in repairing ourselves, we can send the hearing aid to the manufacturer to be repaired. They have spare parts, such as microphones and speakers, that they can install in their facility. All hearing aids come with a warranty but if the warranty has expired, we will get a repair quote before proceeding with any manufacturer repair.
The average lifespan of most hearing aids is 5 years. Many manufacturers do not repair hearing aids that are over 5 years old. The first step is to bring the hearing aid in for us to look at and then we can determine the best course of action to take.